Monday, July 5, 2010

Remember Us?

Blogging is hard.First, you have to take pictures; which, in itself, isn't terribly hard. However, the pictures will invariably end up on the internet, which may mean that many, many people will see them. Consequently, the pictures must actually be pretty. That's why the picture taking part is hard.Second, out of the kajillions of pictures you end up taking (cause, really, there's always that one more that you have to take, just in case) you have to choose the five or six that you like best. This part is very hard.
And third, you have to actually put it up on your blog. This part is the hardest. Why?
Because you have to remember, which is hard. And also, you have to make an effort, which is hard.
So, basically blogging is hard.Sort of because no one wants to end up looking like an idiot on the internet. But mostly because making an effort and actually doing a bit of work is much harder than being lazy and doing nothing.These pictures are from awhile ago. Bella and I went to the park.
It was fun.
We also brought Rory, my key chain dinosaur.
There's a picture of him frolicking below.

Please forgive us for the lack of updates, after all, blogging is hard.
We'll try harder.
Love and Monkeys,
Bella and Luna
(But more Luna because she typed this post.)

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