Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everyone tells me it's windy

So I was getting ready to go to a wedding and I thought I would document my outfit. But later I ended up adding an aaaamazing belt, but sadly I didn't take a picture of it this time. I got this little number at Charolette Russe and I love it because it's just a simple black dress. I can pair it with so much of my jewelery which is lovely.
I'm really enjoying everything simple right now. Whoever said that we needed the world? I think we all just need a few basics and some people to love on to bring us joy.
Loves and vanilla from Bella <3

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Born from the Corn

jean jacket: borrowed from my sis who bought at GAP
dress: found at a thrift store for $3!! whoot whoot! ya me
hat: Forever 21

So a new kitty has decided to adopt himself into my family. I woke up one day and he was just there, and now he never leaves. My mom named him Patches (lame I know), but he is a sweet cat and he decided to invite himself into my blogpost. haha.
So I got this little dress at a thrift store yesterday and I feel in love. I went into the store just to look and then I ended up neeeeding this dress. I had to run back to my car to get my wallet. So funny. Clothes literally call my name sometimes. It is a perfect fall/summer/spring/winter dress. (also looks a little like a minnie mouse dress)
Have I mentioned that I love fall? Well, I do. I'm in love. If I could live in a house with leaves for walls and sticks for funiture I would. (Isn't that sort of like a gnome or fairy?? cause that rocks)
I've been painting ALOT lately. Today, I was outside painting a huge gust of wind came up and knocked my painting right into me...and the painting had wet oil paints on it. haha
So now I have green oil paint in my hair which is exciting. I loved it though.
I feel more alive and grounded when I am painting. I see things for what they really are and appreciate the life around me. Life is a gift. Beauty is a gift. Everything that we see and breath deserves noticed.
That's what art makes me see and I love it.

Well babies, I heart you
Go eat your veggies and paint something.

<3 Bella