Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Cat's Meow

Dress: Urban Outfitters/ Necklace: Vintage/ Shoes: Target/ Bracelet: Re-Find Thrift Store

I was going to take a nap today, but then I thought I should do something more productive with my time. And I guess in my mind a blog post is productive. haha. My cat, Lexi, decided to join in my photos and I thought she looked so cute.
My half birthday is coming up and for each half birthday I buy myself a pair of "Happy Half Birthday" shoes. This little red pair is this years. I love the color red. It is such a classy color and goes so well with black and white and pretty much anything you pair it with. I consider it a neutral that can be added to anything in both clothes and painting.
Anywho, I thought I would add a smal excerpt of Bobby D's poetry to end this. There is more to it if you wanna look it up. Hope you enjoy and love it!
Gates of Eden

The foreign sun, it squints upon
A bed that is never mine
As friends and other strangers
From their fates try to resign
Leaving men wholly, totally free
To do anything they wish to do but die
And there are no trials inside the Gates of Eden

At dawn my lover comes to me
And tells me of her dreams
With no attempts to shovel the glimpse
Into the ditch of what each one means
At times I think there are no words
But these to tell what's true
And there are no truths outside the Gates of Eden
~Bob Dylan