Thursday, May 20, 2010

Waking at Dust

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: found in my Mom's closet
Ring: Forever 21

Nothing beats coming home to one's entire collection of clothing. I was EXTREMELY excited about this, but the only problem for me was realizing I had so much clothing that I needed to part with a couple pieces. Hence my coming garage sale where I will finally bid "adieu" to some of my clothes so they can go to a new home. But when I was rummaging through everything I came across this delightful little number and I thought I would take a little break to document for you all. The dress I got a couple summers back at an old shop and I really enjoyed it because of the forest green flower pattern and the pleated section on the torso. I just matched it up with my "engagement" ring that I got at Forever and threw on some gold pumps. I sorta felt like a southern wife when I was wearing this. Summer is here at last and that means life will change from studying to working. ( A girl has to have a way to afford her desire to be fashionable)

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