Sunday, August 29, 2010

Leaf the Summer Behind You

The Leaves are already shedding,
and changing into beautiful colors.

Me and Lunie are getting ready for FALL!

Truth be told, sometimes I like to dress in neutral tones. Neutrals are always a safe place to land whenever one can't decide what to wear or what to match with a signiture outfit. Even in pictures, things tend to look brilliant in black in white. I love black and white pictures like a warm, fuzzy stuffed animal. Absolutely fabulous for fall.

And yes, I know that it isn't fall. But to my defense, I ADORE fall. It's the best season ever. Seriously, if I could live in a big pile of fall leaves and stare at trees for millions of days, I would totally do that. (Although, I would want to be dressed to match my surroundings) Well friends, it's almost time to whip out those sweaters and colored tights. I for one am EXCITED. *screams* Except, I would like to keep the slightly warmer weather going. O, O These pictures are only a preview of what's to come.

I love you babies!! Keep looking at our blog. Me and Luns get busy, but blogging is hard as you well know. We love all your support!!!

Heartsies and peaches,


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